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Updated: Tuesday 24 May 2005

Diverting the Flow: A Resource Guide to Gender, Rights and Water Privatization

WEDO, and Public Citizen (2002)


This publication is a resource guide for policymakers, and human rights, environmental, and economic and gender justice advocates working on global policy, to examine the impact that the privatization of goods and services like water has on the livelihoods of women, particularly poor women.

Section one presents extracts from a variety of sources that highlight the critical issues related to water privatization and women, including: water as a human right, public versus private goods, gender roles and inequities, global policy trends, and governance issues. Excerpts from case studies, compiled by Public Citizen, detail women’s struggles for clean, accessible water in Kenya, Uruguay, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa and the United States. Expanded versions of these and other case studies are available on WEDO and Public Citizen websites (www.wedo.org, www.wateractivist.org ).

Section two presents different arenas for civic engagement. This includes actions at the local level and entry points for advocacy on privatization issues in strategic global forums.

Finally, a list of resources is provided to obtain additional information, reach out to others and get involved.

Link: Click here to access the publication on-line

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